Martin Luther King

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  Martin Luther King, who was born in 1929,is well-known to us all as a freedom fighter. When he was fifteen, he went to university. He fought for politic rights for black people in the USA. He demanded that blacks shouldn't be treated as slaves but should have equal rights.

  On December,1,1955,a black woman in Alabama was arrested by the police for she had refused to stand up for a white man on bus. King led a boycott of the bus company. From then on, he led many demonstrations against racial discrimination. Although he was often beaten or arrested, He consisted that the black should be equally treated. "We have waited 340 years for our rights! We find it difficult to wait. This 'wait' has almost always meant 'never'." He said. It inspired the black a lot to fight for their rights.

  In 1963, he gave the famous speech "I have a dream" in Washington D.C., which inspired people to fight for equality. Then he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

  King was murdered in 1968.During his life,he put his heart and soul into fighting for equalities and he had already changed the society.

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