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COVID-19 疫情下的网络教育态势
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     In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (2019新型冠状病毒肺炎) on campus and protect the lives of students and teachers, the ministry of education has put forward the initiative(倡导) and suggestion of “No suspension of classes”, and suggested that schools around the country should carry out online teaching.

     In response (响应) to the call of the ministry of education, online teaching has been carried out across the country, and lots of teachers have become “online teacher anchors (主播)”. However, since the day that network teaching started, students and netizens(网友)ridicule(吐槽)and complain endlessly. Some students complain their eyes cannot adapt to the network teaching. Some students complain rural Internet speeds are too slow, and it makes online teaching impossible, and others complain that the quality of teaching on the Internet is different from that in the classroom. Their study effects are very low. It’s a waste of time for them!

     Actually that is not true, although online courses haven’t been around for a long time, the network teaching is aimed at the hundreds of millions of students at the same time, so there must be some shortcomings in large-scale (大规模)online teaching. Online teaching can’t be done well in one day or two, because we need to listen to the views of a large number of parents and teachers, then improve some ways. The essence (本质)of online teaching is very good, but it requires students to have a high sense of self-discipline (自律). After all, teachers cannot give one-to-one lessons and pay attention to students’ learning conditions in time. Therefore, we have not solved all these problems at present.

     Although there are many disadvantages of online teaching at present, it is in the critical period (关键时期)of fighting against the COVID-19, and the delay of learning will affect the learning of some students. Online teaching is the only way at present. It should be arranged more scientifically and reasonably in terms of learning content and learning time.




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